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Welcome to Invasores home page.

Bem-vindo ao projeto invasores - Para versão desta página em português, clique em Página principal.

The Invasores project started in a very informal way. This sites still under construction. Every use of "I" refers to Nilo Menezes. Donate


Project Status

  • Changes are being made to the upcoming version 1.0. We will see many 0.9x versions, because the 1.0 target is to have levels. The game was planned to have 5 levels. Many optimizations are still pending.

Setup & Installation

Download the game at Sourceforge.

Invasores depends on Python and PyGame and its multiplataform by definition. The game has been tested on:


Invasores was born from a group of friend programmers. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to draw. If you are a graphic artist/lover and would like to see your art in the game, dont hesitate to contact me. LSK-BR


Invasores was completely developed using Python and Pygame. For further details, click on Implementação


The game started to be developed in 2002 when a group of colleagues at Fundação Paulo Feitoza decided to make games. An Yahoo group called Gamessa was created on 07/FEB/2002 by Nilo Menezes.

As it was our first project, we published some rules and hopes. Many people joined the group, but as a matter of fact no game was made.

In 2003, FPF started to develop J2ME applications and more people joined the group. We started to discus the best language to make the game. We even opened a pool, but the conclusion wasnt very good. So we decided that everyone should code in the loved language and finish a simple game. The final result would be used to make the language choice. Invasores was born.

Nilo Menezes chose Python and coded the first release, version 0.5 (22-SEP-2003). Since then the game had many improvements, especially on graphics and the game engine itself. Looking the source code history, its clear that Pygame was better used from version to version.

And there is much more to come...

Python & Pygame

Python has been chosen because its easy to use and prototype. I tried before with DirectX and Visual C++ and even Delphi. Beside that, to make a Windows only game gave me a big headache as I advocate Linux. The problem with other languages is that it wasnt fun. With Python the prototyping became faster and the solution multiplataform.

I used Python before, just as a scripting language on Linux Administration. Pygame allowed the speed I needed with the language I had chosen.


Actually, the team is composed by:

Nilo Menezes - LSKBR

Programmer, dreamer, sound engineer, writer, webmaster, translator, etc.


I would like to thank:

  • Luis Braga - for borrowing me his kids and teaching them how to play Invasores.
  • Edson César - for borrowing me his notebook and letting me install Invasores on Mac OS X.
  • Clebson Derivan - for installing and testing Invasores on OpenBSD.
  • Pablo Godoy - spanish translation
  • Xavier Ricco - french translation

Sites To Do List

  • Change Images (yes, the flower...)
  • Add more information about the project

Users Guide

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